PHE Screening Services

Public Health (PH) England commission the national screening services for the NHS for:-

  • Cervical Screening -  females aged 25 - 64
  • Bowel Cancer Screening  - male and females aged 60 - 74
  • Breast Screening - females 50 - 70 (some local variations extend these ages)
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening - Males aged 65

PH England also run the Public Health awareness campaigns including :-

  • Cervical cancer prevention week during  January
  • Bowel Cancer Awareness month April 
  • Cervical cancer screening awareness week during June 
  • Breast Cancer awareness month October

Public Health England also promote:-

Stop Smoking Campaigns / Alcohol reduction campaigns / numerous cancer awareness campaigns / Healthy eating & activity and exercise campaigns.

Manor House Lane and Marston Green Surgeries encourage all patients to under take any screening offe